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Single Trail Capital is an investor backed private investment firm based in Australia. It is focussed on identifying and acquiring a single excellent, growing Australian or New Zealand business. 


Single Trail Capital is searching for an excellent company, operating in a growing industry niche and with a large market opportunity.

Key attributes include:

✓ Industry niche growing rapidly

✓ Revenue or ARR of at least $3.0m and growing

✓ Highly valued product or service by customers

✓ Located in Australia or New Zealand


We like to see one or more of the following attributes in target businesses:

✓ Does it move a complex customer issue to a simple solution

✓ Expected positive customer response in the midst of a disaster (financial crisis, pandemic, etc.)

✓ Is there an opportunity to turn data into assets


Single Trail Capital is backed by self-made high net worth individuals, professional investors, family offices and senior business operators. Our investor capital is patient capital, not looking for short-term wins, but long-term growth and continuity of your legacy. 

Together, the Principal and investors behind Single Trail Capital are prepared and ready to acquire a successful business.




Greg founded Single Trail Capital and has set about searching for, acquiring and operating a single, excellent business. 

Greg has spent the last eight years providing merger, acquisition and strategy advice to small and medium companies. He has worked across a number of industries including engineering, industrial distribution, real estate, manufacturing, technology and property. 

Greg has previously worked for a boutique investment house providing investment and strategic advice to clients. Prior to this, he worked with Westfield’s treasury, providing account management, debt capital funding and transaction services. 

Greg holds an MBA from Bond University. ​


Our investors are equipped and ready to be involved in growing a highly successful business. Our investors include self-made ultra-high net worth individuals, investment funds, family money and senior businesspeople. Each of our investors have experience in building business and driving transformational change within business.

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